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Advisory and Consultation Service

If you have any queries about a contract or would like more bespoke advice, I offer an email advisory service where you pay

a quoted fee dependent case by case and the complexity of the request:


The service includes (but is not limited to):

  • Advice:

    • Initial terms to ask licensee to calculate a fee for your work;

    • Review of a licensee’s Terms and Conditions prior to you agreeing with a licensee;

    • Points to consider/ask the licensee before agreeing to a contract

  • POD Advice and potential contacts within your territory or worldwide

  • Bespoke Drafting of Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) : for your Website and Contracts;

  • Price Points for your work to license and/or sell on the market

  • Bespoke Drafting Licensing Terms for individual clients;                

    • Examples of these terms would be a list the licensee fills out for you so you can decide on a fair and reasonable price for your work (these terms could include but are not limited to, and would be different with every contract):

      • Publication/Project title/Product:  

      • Number of images being licensed: 

      • Published by: 

  • Copyright and IP Info: Information of your RIGHTS with regards to Copyright and IP Law within the territory you are licensing and/or marketing and selling (Please note that this is NOT legal advice, just informative); 

  • New Clients: Suggestions and contacts for potential new clients AND licensees FOR your work BASED on YOUR work  (Publishers, Magazines, Product retailers, etc)

  • Website:

    •  Advice to ensure your Website is as coherent and succinct as possible to get you the best exposure in the industry

    • SEO advicefor your website (key-wording so you have the best exposure on search engines)


With each request the quote is based on a case by case basis, once you agree to the fee, and payment is received I will respond to you within 48 hours.

All fees are paid into my secure PayPal account at so it's quick, simple, stress free allowing us to get on with our work!

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